Boxing Sessions & Classes

We do things differently at iFightFit.

Our classes are designed to be structured around you.

We open our gym to what we call 'sessions' in which your class starts when 'you get there' allowing you to train when you need to train and for as little or as long as you like.

Under supervision and guidance of Coach Ashley Buck your session will involve a warm-up and identification of your individualised needs/goals for training. Whether it be for fitness, strength, endurance, skills, technique, sparring, competition or stretching (see 'Training at iFightFit') we will be able to cater for you. Come down anytime and see what we can do for you.

Open gym and 'sessions' start from 0500 until 0900 and again at 1500 till 1900


Health Warning: This type of training will cause you to receive wanted/unwanted extra attention from the same/opposite sex. Can increase sexual activity leading to relationship breakdown and a smaller wardrobe. People will want to be like you, talk about you, admire you, fear and loathe you. Small children and animals will be frightened of you - or want to be you.